Here are four questionnaires to test whether it is love or addiction.

Love Addiction Questionnaire
Romance Addiction Questionnaire
Sexual Addiction Questionnaire
Relationship Assessment – Test Yourself

Among the questions asked are:
  • Has your personal growth stopped? Love-addiction concentrates so much energy on a relationship, sex or romance, that there's little left for individual growth.
  • Is there a lot of "poor me" or "let me do it for you" going on? Addictive lovers play psychological games, becoming the victim, rescuer, or persecutor.
  • Have you fallen into the "if only" syndrome? "If only he would stay home"; "if only he were more sensitive"; "if only she weren't frigid". Addictive lovers have a never-ending list of "if onlys" in a never-ending attempt to find solutions outside of themselves.
  • Do you feel abandoned when your lover is away? Addictive lovers have a hard time with routine separations.
  • Do you say "yes" when you want to say "no"?
  • Are you into power plays? Do you try to "get even"? Are you better at giving advice than accepting it? Addictive lovers are into power and control often feeling that being "one-up" is better than being "one-down".
If you answer "yes" to any of the above questions you may have a problem. Is there a way out? Yes, and it takes time, commitment, support and hard work. And, it can also be fun! To focus on oneself through a guided program of self discovery like the one in my book, is incredibly exciting. The rewards? An awareness of what healthy love is and how to achieve it.



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