Brenda is an internationally known author, highly trained psychologist, and accomplished speaker. With over 500,000 of her publi- cations in print and in five lan- guages, her best sellers, Is It Love or Is It Addiction, Love’s Way, and the Healthy Relationships Series, show her gift of putting problems in street smart language and giving practical advice on how to solve them.

Currently, Dr. Schaeffer is director of Healthy Rela- tionships, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN where she conducts therapy, training and workshops. A licensed psychologist and a certified addictions specialist, she holds a doctorate in spiritual psychology. She has been featured on national broadcast programs, such as The O’Reilly Factor, and in publications such as the Washington Post, Fitness, Cosmo- politan and Glamour.


Best selling author and psychologist Dr. Brenda Schaeffer (Is It Love or Is It Addiction, Love’s Way) brings you a groundbreaking book that examines teen love, sex and romance and shows teens and parents how to create healthy relationships through true stories, quizzes, and practical advice. Love or Addiction explains how teens are more psychologically open than at any other time to impressions of love, romance, and sex and includes everything that a person needs to know about the power – and the peril – of teen relationships.

Features down-to-earth information and powerful tools, such as:

  • Real advice: Practical advice for 15-22 year-olds and those who care about them
  • Real quizzes: Tests to identify unhealthy dependency on sex, love and romance
  • Real answers: What to do, where to turn, and how to create healthy relationships
  • Real stories: Learn from teens whose stories are interwoven throughout the book
  • Bonus CD: Music from MoodFood's Ice and stories from teens--in their own voices
Finally, a book that speaks to why teens and young adults are so vulnerable to addictive love relationships....This book will be an eye-opener for teens or adults who want to understand how the gifts of sex, love, and romance can be turned into a drug of choice.
—Jennifer Schneider, M.D., author of
Untangling the Web and Back From Betrayal

A must for anyone wanting to understand that most adult relationship problems or compulsive use of sex, love, and romance, get jumpstarted in our teens. I commend Dr. Schaeffer for talking to teens and young adults and not about them...and putting out warning signs without judgment.
—Mark Laaser, Ph.D, speaker & author of
How to Talk to Your Teens about Sex

This book has an awesome combination of real-life stories, illustrations and a bonus disc with music! I invite everybody to read this and learn more about their friends, themselves, and their relationships.
—17 year old student

ISBN: 1-931945-52-7 • 6 x 9 • Paperback with audio CD • 284 pages • $19.95 US includes CD
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